the infinite conversation

Digitization has fundamentally re-wired our lives… we are now living in a constantly on, omni-directional and hyper-connected world, which is facilitating a profound shift in the way our society operates. It’s a world where brands and individuals’ activities are there for all to search out and share – we are all now, more than ever, defined by how we behave.

The era of mass marketing is over and media fragmentation is accelerating exponentially – the consumer is in control and is re-defining their relationship to commerce, brands and their marketing strategies. The only way to attract and hold on to the modern consumer is to keep talking to them on their terms, through their networks, by adding value to their lives and establishing a new kind of relationship with them through open and adaptive dialogue.

Word of mouth has always been cited as the most powerful reason in ‘the decision to purchase’, establishing trust, and, in the commitment to start and develop new relationships. Creativity, community and collaboration are trademarks of human nature – conversation has always been at the heart of our society. The infinite conversation describes a new paradigm in which we all now exist, and a communication strategy, that embraces both social media and human nature. It represents a shift in behaviour that must be employed by brands, businesses and individuals, for them to thrive and survive in the networked world.

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