frictionless media – Paul Kurzeja

 ‘To find something comparable, you have to go back 500 years to the invention of the printing press, the birth of mass media’

Rupert Murdoch 

Way back then content was a protected commodity – by the church or powers that be…

the invention of the printing press made it available to the masses….

Content then became a PROFIT COMMODITY – ie media company’s could charge around content types and audiences they attracted…

We are now moving to an era when content is becoming a FREE COMMODITY or nearly free

and more importantly distribution is free….

We now moving to a era of frictionless media – and the infinite conversation

Because of this, Marketing (and advertising)

– in fact any part of the media industry

is also fundementally shifting from….


which looks a bit like this…  10 pin bowling

where you would get a big idea – take a run up – throw it at an audience – down a simple channel – and see what happens

This was driven by ….scarcity of choice of channel…which created a large captive audiences

….New Marketing is more like this

a Pinball machine

– where you fire off an idea and get it to bounce around and stay in the game as long as possible through interaction

technically put…

Leveaging scare attention (lack of time) and creating interaction among communities with similar interests

for us at Redwood this means….

Creating a long term conversation through multi-channel content, and in an era of frictionless media – where anyone connected can be a media outlet – creating content that has value for both brand and consumer where time is the finite resource

(notes from a recent speech)


What do you think? 


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