Our re-wired world – the revolution has only just begun / Paul Kurzeja


Our world is undergoing a revolution – of which, we are just at the beginning…. 

“To find something comparable you would have to go back 500 years to the invention of the printing press” – Rupert Murdoch – CEO of News Corp

We are now living in a constantly-on, super-simple, omni-directional, hyper-connected world, where control and distribution of information has moved from the privileged few to the uncontrollable many… this is fueling a fundamental shift in social and commercial behaviour – that is transforming the world we live in…

This revolution is affecting every facet of our society… from the re-invention of the ‘music industry’ to terrorist appearances on Youtube, from the closure of the high-street to the emergence of the Googleverse…. our everyday lives are being transformed before our eyes.

Consumers are taking control, Citizen Journalists are the new frontline, Social Media is here to stay – this is just the tip of a digital iceberg, that includes: ‘Hyper-local media’, ‘Open-source societies”, ‘Conversational content’, ‘White space wi-fi’, ‘frictionless media’ and ‘widgetization’ – where one simple desktop button can replace an entire traditional industry in seconds.

Added to this, business after business is being transformed or born out of the ability to deliver, share receive an infinite amount of content through anything that can be screen-enabled-net-connected-and-booted-up. This is happening in ways that we are only just beginning to foresee…

Just as the introduction of the first mass-market personal motor car, the ‘Model T’, in 1908,  revolutionized transportation and industry in America – which in turn, revolutionized and dominated the last Century….. So too, the ability to for us all to create, distribute and connect content and conversations will revolutionize and dominate this, the 21st Century. 

what do you think…

– add your comment as my book on these issues is out soon


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