the growth of brand video and customer content / Paul Kurzeja


“The long and short of it is that customers want access to your brand from all their channels. They want that access to be interactive and engaging. If they don’t get it they will walk away”

Digital Outlook Report 2008 – avenue a / razorfish

Redwood are at the forefront of multi-channel customer communication. We have evolved over the last year from a print-centric agency to a fully developed content agency – that can provide the most innovative and engaging work across web, video, mobile and print 

We traditionally built our business on having a conversation with a customer on behalf of a brand – that idea, ‘the conversation’, is now becoming centric to marketing and advertising – in fact any part of the media industry, which is fundamentally shifting from ‘old Marketing’ which looked like 10-pin bowling where you would get one big idea – take a run up – aim that idea at an captive audience – throw it down a simple channel and see what happens. To ‘new marketing’ which is more like pinball – where your fire of a volley of ideas – which bounce around through different channels and you build up a score by creating as much interaction as possible and extending that interaction for a long as possible. 

This for Redwood, simply put, is about creating a long-term conversation through multi-channel content for our clients

Online video is growing expotentionally, customers are expecting to experience video content from a brand. But as with any form of content, if it‘s good customers will engage with it – if it‘s not, they’ll walk away.

We started making video for our clients over a year ago – by creating video’s for Land Rover’s GO Beyond IPTV channel – we are now creating video, both long-form and short-form, for BT, Royal Mail, Volvo, Mazda, British Gas, Oli, Your Family (NSPCC), Barclays and Clarks – and this list is set to grow over the next year.

Video content, if done well, provides both a rich emotional experience for the customer and time spent with a brand. This combined with a Redwood’s deep understanding of the current digital landscape and the value that can be delivered through video distribution and the interaction that this can create within that landscape, provides a compelling background to why brands are investing more and more in entertaining, relevant and useful brand-video – and why they are choosing Redwood.

Our current clients have invested in us to create video for them because: 

1) we have built up an impressive showreel that proves we can deliver unique bespoke content at the highest quality 

2) our work is always developed out of a deep understanding the brand and it‘s strategic thinking

3) we have a business founded editorial (story-telling) and visual innovation. 

Video production companies and above-the-line agencies are not positioned or equipped to deliver this unique combination.

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